Best friends Emerson and Chloe stumble upon the hidden community of faerie creatures living around them in rural Ireland. With this discovery comes responsibility, as they become caught up in the threats the faerie survivors face.

Overcast is a project near and dear to my heart. Planned and written throughout the autumn and early winter of 2019 as a serial webcomic, it currently exists in a sort of portfolio project limbo state. I did get through drawing and releasing the first part (of ten) in early 2020, but between the pandemic and decline of my health, I had to abandon that particular endeavor. Now, over a year later, I know I have grown and improved tremendously as an artist, and am working on deciding what exactly I want to do this story; there’s potential for me to reboot it as a comic, or maybe do something else entirely. Regardless, this story means a lot to me and I want to see it fully realized someday.

The unfinished version of the comic can still be read here.