The Tastefully Spooky Collection is my second Kickstarter campaign following the success of Perfectly Normal Deer! This project was a wild success, far beyond anything I initially anticipated for the run of the campaign or the enthusiasm and support of everyone who contributed.

Spooky season– objectively the best time of the year– is almost upon us

The collection is inspired by the first garden ghost I made on a whim; I absolutely fell in love with the whole vibe and wanted to expand upon them! From the completion of the first ghost, the entire initial collection was designed and launched in just a week– this truly was a spur of the moment, and ambitious, project. The Tastefully Spooky Collection was created out of a love for a certain aesthetic and the spooky season overall. 

The original scope of the collection included the four large enamel pins, acrylic charm, washi tape, and ghost sticker. The mini pins, second sticker, and tote bags came later via the input of backers as the campaign exponentially grew. All of the designs have been inspired by the first Garden Ghost sculpture, loosely drawing upon art nouveau design as well. 

In addition to the spooky merchandise, custom Garden Ghost sculptures were offered as an add on, which I did not expect to be nearly as popular as they were. Around sixty-five ghosts were commissioned through the campaign, and are being slowly added to the Ghost Galleria!